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Elastic Melody is a standalone iOS application and AUv3 plugin with 3 channels of synthetic sounds, an analog style step sequencer and 4 master effects. Almost all parameters can be automated and thus changed in an „elastic way“. The focus of Elastic Melody is on a fast and intuitive creation of melodies with a basic analog sound.
A big fan of Dave Smith’s (RIP) DSI Evolver sequencer and synthesizer, Elastic Melody is an attempt to create something similar. Seamlessly combining multiple sequencer tracks with an analog sounding engine, with the ability to add the „elasticity“ of life to the machinery through automation.


If you need support or simply want to give feedback, please email to:
ed 🤘🏿 mominstruments 🏝 com


Note sequencer
Note sequencer
Automation sequencer
FX screen & sequencer



– 3 channels, each with an analog synthesizer that is connected to an associated sequencer
– Each sequencer channel has its own start/end and timing parameters for notes and automation
– 14 parameters per synth engine (waveform, lowpass, highpass, env, etc.)
– For each parameter, value changes can be drawn in an automation window
– Solo or mute function for the 3 synth channels


– 4 master effects (EQ, Chorus, Delay, Reverb)
– Automation for most parameters of the effects
– Each FX effect has its own start/end and timing parameters for automation


– Undo / Redo
– Various randomise functions
– option to share and import presets
– AUv3 support
– Ableton Link support


– Song Mode
– Midi Out

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