is a label for unique software instruments for Apple’s iOS mobile device platform. Run by Mouse on Mars’ Jan St. Werner, Andi Toma and Oliver Greschke (O-G-SUS). MoMinstruments develops and curates apps with a genuine sound and workflow and promotes new intuitive approaches on sound creation.
MoMinstruments‘ first release was WretchUp an effect-instrument for the iphone. Designed by Mouse on Mars, developed by Florian Grote and Peter Kirn and finalized by Oliver Greschke it is a “monster of feedback delay madness” (Create Digital Music).
The second release Elastic Drums by Oliver Greschke has been a great commercial success, it got one of the best selling and best known drum apps in the iTunes store. It’s a flexible drum synthesizer with extreme sound manipulation possibilities. The third release fluXpad released in September 2016 is a sample-sequencer that functions by simply drawing the sounds. It was developed by Mouse on Mars and Jan Trützschler (TeaTracks) and has been widely acknowledged by international artists and developers. It is currently in the top ten of the music app section of iTunes Japan. Justin Vernon (Bon Iver): „I’m LOVING fluXpad. working with it all last week week… so fun. Just JAMMING on it! God, i haven’t run into a single bug, or something i would change!“ Strike number four is Elastic FX, a 4 channels multi-effect processor which is easy and intuitive to play, but offers complex options to shape the sound.
Oliver Greschke is also involved in completing the modular effect app iLep and Andrew Huang’s Flip Sampler. In 2023 he released Molli Looper with his long time partner Matt Davey, then Elastic Melody.






Mouse on Mars show how they used Elastic Drums in their album „Dimensional People“: