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WretchUp is a unique handheld effect and instrument for the iPhone that anyone can play. Inspired by analog hardware effects, Mouse on Mars have created a unique instrument based on old analog delays. You can use it on vocals. You can use it on drums. You can use it to transform music tracks, or playing with feedback from a speaker. You can just have fun speaking or singing into it. But whatever you do, it’s designed around the handheld. In place of a complex interface, the focus is on a broad range of sound possibilities and quick exploration beneath your fingers. You can concentrate on listening and experimentation, as the app produces a range of sounds, fast.

Concept and design by Mouse on Mars. Developed by Florian Grote and Peter Kirn, iOS development by Peter Kirn and Oliver Greschke. Graphic design by Rupert Smyth. Built in Pure Data and libpd (http://libpd.cc) with some components from rjlib.


– Pitch-shifted delay with feedback and filter
– Unique controls, designed to be used in live performance and tested onstage
– Play with gestures, even without looking closely at the screen
– Record vocals or instruments from the built-in mic or another input
– Sample loops and change their speed
– Adjust the feedback loop, pitch, and filter for unique sounds
– Make inputs by holding down your finger, or lock input for continuous sampling
– Inter-App-Audio supported
– Audiobus supported

Video playlist


– http://soundbytesmag.net
– http://main.iosmars.com
– http://www.sequencer.de
– http://soundbytesmag.net
– http://www.factmag


The WretchUp story
on CDM with a good description how WretchUp works


WretchUp was made possible through the support of many crowd funders on Indigogo. Thank you so much!

If you like the app and want to support it, give it a good rating and/or review in the iTunes store, this will help a lot! If you have any technical questions, found bugs, want to give feedback, contact: info at mouseonmars dot com

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