In 2014, 17 years after the inauguration of experimental electronic music label Sonig records, Mouse on Mars have launched yet another platform for unconventional sound production: “MoMinstruments” – a label for unique software instruments for Apples iOS mobile device platform. MoMinstruments (run by Jan St. Werner, Andi Toma and Oliver Greschke) will develop and curate apps with a genuine sound and new ways of creating sounds.

The first release was “WretchUp” and effect-instrument for the iphone. Designed by Mouse on Mars, developed by Florian Grote and Peter Kirn and finalized by Oliver Greschke is a “monster of feedback delay madness” (CDM blog). The second release “Elastic Drums” by Oliver Greschke got a big success in the store and is a classic already. It’s flexible drum synthesizer with extreme sound manipulation possibilities. The third release is „fluXpad“ a sample sequencer that fully functions by simply drawing the sounds, developed by Mouse on Mars and Jan Trützschler.