Recommended other apps/tools and apps of friends:

Audiobus – Audiobus Pty Ltd
Connect several apps inside Audiobus. Note: Because Ed is processor hungry, you won’t have a lot of fun with other performance hungry apps, if you are using an old device

Audiobus Remote – Audiobus Pty Ltd
Remote control your apps in Audiobus. Lot’s of fun with ED’s new JAM screen.

studiomux – AppBC
Connect your devices to your computer to stream audio and midi

AudioShare – audio document manager – Kymatica (Jonatan Liljedahl)
Sound share manager to import/export sounds. You can use it to export your audio recodings made in Elastic Drums

touchAble Mini – AppBC
If you are an Ableton live user, this is “the iPad controller” for it


sqrt – audio – TeaTracks
Multitouch sound board sample player by Fluxpad programmer Jan

zMors Modular – mobile only
The most advanced modular system you can get for iOS

modstep – AppBC
The midi sequencer and modulation mayhem app

Triqtraq – Jam Sequencer: music making on the go – Zaplin Music
Fun, fast and inspiring mobile jam sequencer for iPhone and iPad

Yellofier – Boris Blank
Fun making Sampler Drum app, designed by Shitkatapult mate Hakan Lidbo and Yello, programmed by Kymatica

synthQ – Never Be Normal
Cool Synthesizer with a unique character and design

Holderness Media
Easy to use affordable effects, made with libPD too

Ninja Jamm – Music Making, DJ and Remix App – Ninja Tune
Remixing app of one of my most favourite music labels. Also made with PD/libPD

SeekBeats Drum Machine Synthesizer – Rodrigo Yanez
Good drum synthesizer Mouse on Mars like a lot


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  1. Hello, I am a violinist and would like to use Elastic FX to process the sound. Is it possible to do this with an iPad Pro?
    Can you suggest an easy hook-up to do this? Several of my fellow musicians are interested in this set-up as wel. Thank yo for your
    Great apps and for your technical support with my question. All the best to you, Al Zimmermann

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